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For me, weddings are a magical unfolding of your love. A day that tells the story of your journeying through life together and your future. I believe in documenting these moments as they unfold— organic, natural, candid and romantic. Couples photographs should be fun and light and most of all, should repesent you! Not some posed, staged exaggeration of how you feel for one another.
While it's important to immortalize the high points of the day with elegance and joy, from that very first kiss as a married couple to your elderly relative shaking it on the dancefloor. Some of the true magic of wedding photography lies in the periphery.. those tiny cinematic happenings, overlooked and often unnoticed details—the fleeting glances, the silly dances, the spontaneous laughter, the hopeful tears of friends and family, the parts that you may not even notice yourself on the day.
Tiny punctuation marks in the story of your day, I love those elements and I try to capture them with a sense of an editorial and a documentary aesthetic.
I really don’t like to see myself as a business, more as meeting friends around the globe, and having done the wedding thing myself, I know the LOVE, SWEAT (and tears) that go into every single detail of your event. All those tiny moments and decisions are over so quickly that we feel that having two perspectives, angles, moments, cameras, photographers is so important, this why I usually like to work with two photographers at a minimum. My team and I are award-winning photographers that have worked in London, New York, Miami, Berlin, Spain, Italy and all over really.
My work has been featured in many wedding publications including:
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