memoirs of goodbye

this expansive experience, 

is floating around, existing, dancing; busying about in the future tense,

retracting and reacting, glittering and glistening, glorified under the night lights.


this temporary incision, 

this fragile exposure,

this surgical and silent severing; 

of what's close, 

what's colourful,

what's crafted, created, cultivated;

this treasured trove of truth and trust, of a time far wiser than age.

sodden and sown,

simplified, strengthened and serene in its establishment


the depths of the hidden, 

the light of the unknown,

the hollow great holiness, 

the great holy hollow, 

this perpetual hole, 

whole with your skin, your warmth, your kindness, your connection

FULL of you, full-up on You


forgiving, frightened and froward, 

fuelled by the consistency of you

freed by the in-finite faces of us.



[written with the warmth of a memory and the sowing of seeds.]